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Helping Woodcrest stay in top shape since 2009. 10 years and counting.

Small Gym, Big Impact


We have evrything you need to complete a great workout...come see for yourself.

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Affordable Membership pricing, and all classes included...can't beat that!



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Olga Torres  - 20+ years exp.


Warren Davis - 15+ years exp.


Karla Corona - 15+ years exp.


Isaac Turley - 15+ years exp.



Training Expertise

 With years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your body and creating a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. We will show you the best equipment to use and will work with you to keep you on track and motivated to reach YOUR goals. 


Your Success is Our Goal

BABY STEPS... Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. Creating healthy habits takes commitment, and we are here to help YOU make those habits reality.

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Turley Fitness

Turley Fitness 16810 Van Buren Blvd, Riverside, California 92504, United States

(951) 789-6303

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